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3 signs you should invest in a coach now

This might be a controversial opinion but I believe that every single person could benefit from a having a coach.

Coaches can help you with many things.

From dealing with past trauma to working on your self-esteem and even figuring out how to unlock your psychic abilities. Truly, if you can dream it there is a coach out there who can do it.

Today's blog isn't about the versatility and necessity of coaching though; today we are talking about 3 clear signs that will let you know if it is time for you to invest in a coach.

And yes - before we go any further, just because you could benefit from having a coach does not mean that you can't find success, growth and healing through self study. It also doesn't mean, that you should put yourself at financial risk in order to hire a coach (any ethical coach would tell you this).

So let's look at the three signs you should invest in a coach now.

One of the biggest signs you need to invest in a coach right now is that you have come as far as you can by yourself and all the work you are doing is not having the payoff that you were looking for.

For example, you spend hours a day working on your business and learning about Self Development but externally you aren't seeing the results. You probably have thoughts that sound like this: "It's like nothing I do matters"

"Why can't I just figure this out? There must be something wrong with me."

"I know I'm missing something: but I physically don't have the time to try anything new on top of what I'm already doing!"

The next sign that you need to invest in a coach right now is that you are very aware of your problems but find it difficult to see a pathway through them. Coaches are trained to see the bigger picture for you, while taking into account your specific circumstances and helping you navigate through the challenges towards your goals.

P.S. This isn't about how smart you are or how capable you are at problem solving: all of us are too close to our own problems to see them clearly. #3

The third sign you need to invest in a coach right now is if you desire massive change and transformation in your life for business.

You WILL figure this out if you persevere - I have no doubt. BUT you don't need to take 10 years going it alone and proving that you can! Take one dedicated, devoted and motivated year with a coach and cover the same distance. Working with your coach gives you the gift of your time back, it allows you to conserve your energy and your resources and most importantly anytime you falter - you won't fall because someone is there to catch you.

By the end of these three reasons you should know by now if it is time for you to invest in a coach. You might have already known the answer but you just weren't quite sure why.

The type of coach and support you need will be very specific to you and if you'd like help in figuring that out share with me in the comments your questions and your circumstances.

I'd be happy to point you in the right direction!

And if you're wanting to work with me now I invite you to go check out my services page. Whether it's the Membership, our business mastermind or working with me 1:1 we will find the perfect fit for you - so you can get the support you need now.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Or become a member of Soul-led & Satisfied - THE membership for entrepreneurs who are ready to have it all.

Nikki x

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