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3 Ways to be more Consistent with your Content

Content creation is the bane of many business owners existences - or at least, that’s the feedback I’ve been hearing from my clients and colleagues for as long as I’ve been in business.

If you are here to discover a step-by-step roadmap of how to create your content…errr, you won’t find it here.

And in fact you should read my latest blog on why you should ‘Stop following the Business Road Map’.

Your content isn’t meant to be cookie-cutter and doesn’t need to be difficult (whether you identify as creative or not) and I promise you that becoming a consistent content creator doesn’t need to be a struggle.

3 Ways to be more Consistent with Your Content:

1. Make it enjoyable for YOU FIRST

When you are still creating your own content (whether through choice or circumstance) you need to be realistic. If you HATE what you do - you will avoid, sabotage and create an unhealthy and unnecessarily toxic relationship.

One you can’t divorce yourself from.

Curate your creation space. From music, the time of day, the snacks you keep on your desk, to the way you hype yourself up before hand can have a major impact on what you are creating. Energy doesn’t lie after all - so if you begun enjoy the process you will also find yourself enjoying the content more too.

And don’t underestimate the vibrational ripple effects it will have with your audience either.

2. Create content that matters

Many clients have shared with me that they feel like they are just talking sh*t or wasting peoples time with their content. “Who wants to read about________every week anyway?”

Simply put: don’t create content that doesn’t matter to you and doesn’t matter to your audience.

At the start this might mean you post less frequently than ‘experts advice’ or it feels repetitive or like you’re having to do more work that people out there posting memes and cat videos - but finding a system and a rhythm that works for you is vital to your success as a content creator.

3. Try out different styles

You won’t know what you like - and what will appeal to your audience - until you try it.

Embrace the idea that your content gets to flow and change with the seasons. When you allow yourself to try different something new you run the risk of getting it right - not just finished.

  • Experiment with various lengths of posts.

  • Try out written, visual or audio content.

  • Share the same idea in multiple different ways.

  • Be inspired by content you enjoy and try and fit it to your niche.

Feeling stuck or that there is only ‘one right way’ to create content has tripped up many on the path to consistent content creation - so try experimenting and lose the idea that there are any hard and fast rules.

*BTW: this is you creating fresh, free and fun content that really lands ;)

A while ago I ran a bootcamp for my clients on ‘Your Social Media Archetype’ which dove in to coming up with ideas, creating content to delivering it in a way that matches your strengths and style - let me know if you’d be interested if I brought this training to the public!

And share which of the 3 tips helped you the most today in the comments below.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Nikki x

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