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Stop following the Business Road Map

Business can be scary - and I bet so far it has been that way for you. And you are not alone in those feelings.

We all (myself totally included) have probably had more than a few moments when it seemed like a really great idea to just curl up in bed, turn off our notifications and convince ourselves that having a 9-5 isn’t really all that bad…

…you know those moments.

Today we aren’t here to talk about how that’s totally normal.

And that I know you don’t really mean it.

Or how to stop having those days all together.

This blog is really about what those fears can cause you to do that will lead you away from success, further from your ideal business and wishing you had never been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug in the first place.

Fear will convince you that you need to be saved.

Now, while you might new to running a successful business YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS OR HOPELESS.

Repeat that as many times as you need until it sinks in.

So much education and training for business owners is around how to follow a Business Road Map. A step by step process that - if you follow it correctly - will sweep in, save the day and bring bucket loads of profit as well. The reason why this doesn’t work 9 times out of 10 isn’t because you did it wrong, skipped steps or didn’t want it bad enough either.

Why most Road Maps suck:

1. They don’t factor in your unique business stage, needs or plans.

2. They rely upon you being happy with generalised advice.

3. They assume their plan works for everyone in the same way.

4. They reinforce your dependency and ability to follow orders.

So why are they still popular AF?

Because a Road Map brings a level of certainty and safety that you likely felt was missing within your business. Coupled with the fact that society and schooling has taught you to follow instructions without question it is little wonder that it seems like the ‘smart idea’.

Embrace the fact that you are powerful, unique and desire a life and business that is in full alignment with all parts of you. Don’t settle for less.

When choosing a coach, a program, a course or anything in between keep these factors in mind. You are paying someone to help YOU - not help their bottom line.

For that reason, in my coaching work I prioritise creating systems that honour and activate your intuition and uniqueness so that the results last, the impact is powerful and you are fully served mind, body and soul.

If you’re ready to learn more I welcome your message or you can check out the magic we are making over in The Coven.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Nikki x

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