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9 Predictions about the Future of Entrepreneurship

Everyone likes a little bit of magic - so today I am going to dive deep into the Tarot, call upon the Guides and work alongside the Universe to bring you 9 Predictions about the Future of Entrepreneurship!

To really make the most out of this you are encouraged to have your notepad and pen ready and bring an energy of curiosity and possibility today. You never know when a download will drop in for you, or the next best step in your business will reveal itself.

So let’s make some magic…

#1 Community is the Key

Over the next 12 months and beyond the rise of community groups and services are going to be for many the easiest path to abundance. When it comes to creating programs and offers you are encouraged to consider how you can not only serve content - but foster the growth and connection of a community.

If you are in a product based business, think outside the box. What would those attracted to your offerings have in common and wish to connect on?

#2 Move away from Pain

A popular tactic in business at the moment is pain point marketing and being controversial - standing out is standing out right? WRONG.

People are more aware than ever about wanting to create lives that are fuelled with good energy and higher vibrations. Content and marketing that contains judgement, division and scarcity tactics are going to become a thing of the past. If you are currently following advice that taps into these teaching start to look for ways to be an inspiring and empowering platform and ride the wave of this shift.

#3 The Authentic Approach

This one has been going out of style for awhile. Cookie Cutter business is becoming obsolete as your audience is waking up the fact that are better served with boutique and niche content than by following a formula.

One size never fits all. This is your chance to dive into what makes you unique and turn that into your greatest selling point. There is never too much authenticity when it comes to your business.

#4 Don't skip the basics

While it is amazing that anyone and their dog can start their own business or side hustle (and if you are called to you MUST do it) there is an incoming wave of legislation and regulation. Don’t let this scare you or stop you but allow it to be a prompt to keep up to date on any necessary certifications or paper work.

Your business needs a solid foundation. Set this up now.

#5 Woo-Woo WOW Factor

It is the time of the spiritual entrepreneur. Healers, coaches, creators and any type of intuitive or spiritual business will see a rise in interest.

There has never been a more aligned and awakened time for you to capitalise on your gifts. If you have been considering including your more woo-woo work inside your business - go for it!

#6 Seeking: Education

People are not looking for you to tell them What to think - but How to think. Educating your audience and potential customers and clients is more important than ever. As society begins to turn towards personal satisfaction and pleasure rather than keeping up with the Jones’s you will see the way people (yourself included) are interacting with services changes.

Begin to look at how this can work for you in your industry.

#7 Small but mighty!

Small business doesn’t mean small income or impact.

Solopreneurship and micro business will be on the rise. The shift you may need to start making is in how you view your business and it’s viability in the market.

Less can be more.

#8 Time to Team Up

Building on from #1 and the importance of community - collaborations are an effective way to increase your reach and get in front of unlikely audiences. Collaborations can come for a season or a single reason but they are not to be overlooked.

As an entrepreneur begin to ask the question: who is an unlikely but undeniably influential person or business I can collaborate with? This is going to increase in popularity so jump on board early.

#9 Stand Your Ground

Over the next year there is going to be a rise in competitors in your field. At first this might appear threatening and overwhelming but your task is to wait them out and remain on path.

Take the high ground and gain perspective. This will not only allow you to avoid burning out over stress but to stand out as a stable and reliable business in your industry.

So there you have it! 9 Predictions about the Future of Entrepreneurship. Makes sure to let me know which ones spoke to you and how you are going to prepare.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Or become a member of Soul-led & Satisfied - THE membership for entrepreneurs who are ready to have it all.

Nikki x

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