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A Simple AF Mindset Reset

"What if it all works out?"

These were the words I didn't realise I needed to hear until I popped on my headphones, got ready for my afternoon walk and tuned into the Mel Robbins podcast.

Like a fire that had run out of fuel, the anxiety that had been burning within me all day began to sputter out - no longer being fed by the constant whirl of negative thoughts and spiralling fears ignited earlier in the day.

Like all small business owners, I wear a LOT of hats and not everything falls within my zone of genius nor is it easy all of the time. And lately, unintentionally, I'd begun to raise the bar of expectation while lowering my self compassion.

Are you seeing yourself doing the same?

  • Expecting perfection - and no longer satisfied with the progress.

  • Desiring to be in flow - and floundering when things are 'too easy'.

  • Working 24/7 - and wondering why you don't have a social life (or any time for life).

  • Micromanaging your daily tasks - while letting your mind run amok and slowly descent into stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

And what all of this adds up to is a recipe for catastrophe.

I was fortunate that Mel arrived to spring clean my mind - and I'm so glad I can pass along the wisdom to you. This mindset reset will change how you think forever.

6 simple words. 1 big question. 0 doubts.

"What if it all works out?"

Mindset Reset

THE MINDSET RESET you didn't know you needed.

I invite you to get clear AF right now on where this unintentional negative spiral has been playing out in your mind - and what areas of life or business in particular triggers it.

#1 Take a few moments to do an honest review of what is pushing your buttons (don't worry - you'll know which ones they are).

  • Your finances - incoming or outgoing

  • Your future vision and goals

  • Your health and vitality

  • Your relationships - self, romantic, social and business

  • Your identity, image and sense of self worth

  • Your business - strategy, delivery to consistency

  • Your home life and maintenance

These are just a few areas, so take the time to go deeper if you need to before moving on.

#2 Ask the question: What if it all works out?

You might notice that your brain wants to suggest all the reasons why it WON'T work out first.

This isn't a problem (it's familiar thinking after all) so simply note them down and keep asking the question "What if it all works out?" until you begin to connect with the possibility of a positive outcome.

Write this one down and highlight it!

#3 Practice reaching for these thoughts.

Remind yourself of the potential for each of these areas working out as often as needed (I'd suggest once a day as a baseline).

And when you notice those familiar spirals beginning - you got it - ask the question: "What if it all works out?"


For myself, many of my clients and let's be real - probably EVERYONE reading this too - money tends to be one of those areas that seems to attract stress, overwhelm and a biiiiig dose of anxiety.

Add being an multiple-hat-wearing entrepreneur to the mix and it can sometimes feel like you can never get away from it.

Got too much money? Anxiety likes to remind us it can easily go away...

Got just the right amount of money? Stress will keep you on your toes...

Got too little money? Overwhelm will keep you up at night until this changes...

The question: "What if it all works out?" is a great start to get you settled and feeling more calm...but it doesn't do all of the heavy lifting.

mindset reset on abundance

That's why in the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership our October Masterclass is on Unblocking Abundance!

Finally release the death-grip on money, making it and making sure it doesn't go away. And start showing up in a state of receptivity and allowance mind, body, soul and business.

I can't wait to take everyone through the energetic recalibration activities and help you get clear on what it will take to unblock abundance for you.

Our masterclasses are 90 minutes of strategy, magic and mindset shifts to help you feel soul-led, satisfied and successful AF in your life and business. You won't want to miss this session! JOIN THE MASTERCLASS

1. The Unblocking Abundance Masterclass is LIVE 8am AEST Saturday 7th of October (replay available in our Content Portal). 2. To join us sign up and become a member of Soul-led & Satisfied ​HERE.​ You can join monthly or pay annually and receive a discount and special bonuses.

3. Binge the Wealth Section in our content portal to really take this work to the next level and keep you in the energy of abundance.

And before you go off and sign up for the Membership I want to remind you of the powerful learnings from today's letter.

  1. Know your negative spiral triggers.

  2. Redirect your thinking with the question: "What if it all works out?"

  3. Stay connected to your positive thought choices and make reminding yourself a habit!

Struck gold today and have some epic take-aways and thoughts? Share them with me below in the comments section!

Nikki Wouters Intuitive Coach

Make sure to tune back in and stay caught up - life and business - is about to be a lot more soul-led & satisfied.

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