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Being a Business Owner (and Spiritual)

Being a business owner, and being spiritual while being a business owner, are two very different things.

This isn't technically necessary to be in business - but I would say that for every entrepreneur out there struggling to find that devotion, that commitment, that day in and day out dedication to your business - you'd be a fool not too. (And not in the Major Arcana kind of way.) Other signs you need this: you are finding it difficult to show up in your business with the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs, the s*** storms and the freaking glorious blazes of light.

Spirituality or having some connection to a force or feeling and a phenomena outside of yourself is so so necessary.

For a long time, especially stepping out of 10 years in teaching there was this need to be in 'The Logical Mind' or to be intellectual about every single step. The problem was it lacked substance. There was no life to my life because everything felt like a puzzle that I didn't have all the pieces too or I hadn't figured out yet and it was exhausting to be honest.

Especially for those times where we are not seeing the results it can be especially hard as a business owner who doesn't have a spiritual connection or doesn't have a relationship with something outside of themselves. Whether that be Source, God, Universe, deities, spirits etcetera because when the times get tough all we see to blame, to shame, to name and to own that is our own part in the situation and there seems no reprieve. The highly logical and highly analytical part of us says we are at fault.

There is something to be said for Radical Honesty and Radical Responsibility, however in the times where what we need is a Northstar to look to or even simply the reassurance that we are not alone in this world's - a radical response isn't appropriate.

We need the knowledge that we are supported, that we are guided and that there is a meaning and a mission behind what we're doing beyond just a blip in our thinking that said, "Start a business it'll be fun!"

Now that I've laid out so much of this in a way that I've felt before but not thought before I've decided that YES - every business owner DOES need spirituality.

Not spiritual in the way that your business sells crystals and you pull cards (unless of course that is what you want to do) but spirituality in the way that you have embedded, mind body soul, a trust beyond yourself. A relationship with a greatness that cannot be diminished by he 3D, mortal and oh so mundane challenges and realities of life and business.

If you are a business owner and you have an inkling of this faith or a nudge in this direction, I encourage you to ask yourself some questions.


These questions don't need to be difficult. You don't need to take hours and you don't need to make a plan about it (yes, I see you). Simply softly lean into each one and lead with curiosity and vulnerability.

  • What does spirituality look like for me?

  • What does my business look like if I operate from a place that is spiritual?

  • How might this help support me and show me the way?

  • What is one step I can do today to form a greater connection with this concept?

This might take you awhile to integrate and to really have an understanding of what this means to you. Years, months. maybe only minutes as we never know when an insight or a download is going to come through.

I invite you to not place limitations on this. Don't try to wrangle it or control it. allow it to evolve: knowing and trusting that today was a key and you've unlocked the door and the stepping through of it that's not on a timeline that I can tell and it's not on a timeline that you need to know.

Let this be your first act of faith and trust.

If this resonates share with me in the comments below what's come up and through.

If you desire a guide to light the way, to walk this path with you and to even nudge you in the right direction every now and again you need to go check out my services page and then let me know how we can work together and how I can support you best.

To end, I wish you the brightest and most glorious day so far this week. See you next time.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Or become a member of Soul-led & Satisfied - THE membership for entrepreneurs who are ready to have it all.

Nikki x

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