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Being 'Authentic' Online

Authenticity gets thrown around a lot in the online business world - and sometimes it can be really hard to tell what that means.

Everyone has a different opinion, everyone's boundaries are different and even as a collective we do not have a unified definition of what authenticity really means. So it kinda makes it really hard if you're starting out in business or growing your brand to figure out what is acceptable and unacceptable to be presenting to the world.

You might have asked yourself these questions about authenticity:

  • How will people take me seriously if I'm showing them all of me (even the f'd up parts)?

  • Does this mean I need to share my personal dramas too?

  • Won't this messy-up my message?

  • Who I am changes: so how can I decide what authentic is?

You might have your own questions popping up into your mind as well - great - write them down and acknowledge the fact that this is an area that is pretty confusing and set the intention that by the end of this blog you will have more clarity on what authenticity means for you and how to approach it in your business.

(And if you would like to share any of those questions with me make sure to drop them below in the comments as I'd love to hear from you.)

We're going to go off road with this conversation today about authenticity - not to give you another competing definition or set you up for more confusion, but simply to free you up to choose what works for you. As a coach, mentor and creator I firmly believe in every individuals right to own their own interpretation - of everything.

Maybe that's a little bit scary because we're taught to follow the leader and find the guru but I'm always going to fight for your right to empower yourself. Allow this be that for you.

Let's start simple. Authenticity is you without the crap.

Approaching this conversation through 'unearthing the True Essence and Spirit of your Divine Immortal Being and Soul'. is a bit much and not necessary ... so we will instead ask the question: what conditioning and outside influence needs to be removed because it doesn't align with what you want to do?


(And I'm all about the divine immortal soul by the way - but let's stop making everything a divine spiritual pilgrimage in order to get an answer.)

Step 1

Let's apply it to your business.

Answer the following questions, without restriction, editing or second guessing yourself.

1. Your place in the industry.

What is it that you do?

How is what you do different from others in your industry?

2. Your offers/products.

What type of offers/products do you have?

What is included in your offers/products?

3. Your social media presence.

Where do you show up on social media?

What are you sharing on social media?

Those 3 are enough for now. The first thing you would have done is answered those questions - if you haven't...go back and do it before this next part.

Step 2

Those answers probably came pretty easily because you've been asked them before, you think about it a lot and you're actively working on it. Great. What we're going to do now is apply the peeling back of what's not yours.

For each answer apply this question and see where it takes you.

What conditioning and outside influences need to be removed because it doesn't align with what you want to do?

I feel the need to remind you to bring love and compassion to this process. You might realise there are many things that don't quite feel good, don't quite align or you're doing just because a coach 3 years ago told you that's the way it had to be. Deep breath and let it go. For every realisation you have, you also have the permission not to change it straight away.

In the coven we call this Phase 1 Thinking. You can't do everything all-at-once. So our next step here is about being discerning about what you choose to implement so that it is within your capacity right now.

Step 3

For your phase 1, shifting to be more authentic aka more in alignment with how and who you want to be, answer the following questions honestly and simply.

1. What would be the easiest thing to change right now?

2. When, where and how can you accomplish this?

3. Is there anything else you feel capable of doing that you would like to add?

4. When, where and how can you accomplish this?

You can repeat those last two questions as many times as you desire but especially at the start I would highly recommend keeping it short and simple so you can have that immediate feeling of success. And then of course, come back and do it all again.

I truly hope that this has demystified a little bit around how you can start showing up more authentically without completely scrapping what you're doing in your business and without you doing anything that you don't want to do.

Make sure to share your experience with this framework below in the comments and any Qs you might still have!

I absolutely love working with my clients on peeling back conditioning and resetting their focus for creative authenticity. If you would like to have my eyes, hands and magic in your business I am offering a special price for you - a one-to-one workshopping session (valued at $555 for $333). To receive this limited time offer email me at

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Nikki x

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