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Developing Your Soul-Speak Abilities

Developing your Soul Speak at the start is a little bit like trusting without any evidence that it's going to work out.

The cool thing about that, is along the way you're going to develop the creativity, imagination, self-trust, determination and momentum in anything that you're doing because you're not letting your logical pre-prepared and really just autopilot excuses jump up and get in the way.

Recently in the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership I've implemented a new weekly post called ‘My Soul Says…’ and it’s all about developing your ability (and also your habit) of tapping into your intuition and a listening to the whispers that are just waiting to come through.

To put it simply it's about taking a moment (and all it takes is about 30 seconds) to tap in and ask: what is my soul saying right now?

This is something that's going to help you level up your relationship with your self and also with the world and the Universe. And I can guarantee you will never regret talking the time to do it.

3 reasons why I recommend you develop your ability to Soul Speak

You're going to get used to looking inwards for the answers and not outwards. Whether you’re in a business, just simply desiring to improve your situation or even enjoy life more this is invaluable.

You’re also training the muscle of the intuition and the muscle of the consciousness and your ability to access these and use them on demand and not just winging it.

You’re going to have fun. This is a really fun way to cut to the chase and discover what you really desire and what you really want…and then acting on that! And all without crowd-sourcing with the world and your unique voice getting lost in the din.

This is how simple tapping into your intuition and listening to your Whispers can be.

Practising Soul Speak can be done right now - so let’s do this together.

Firstly, get comfortable.

If you're sitting or in a standing position place your feet flat on the earth; grounding now into this moment. You may wish to close your eyes and if you're really into setting a scene you might want to light some candles and incense first before you get settled and turning inwards. A hand on the heart space always helps me and then ask the question: what does my soul have to say today?

Allow your soul to speak. I write this out afterwards as, ‘My Soul says…”

Some of my past insights have been.

“My soul says find more peace in your day.”

“My soul says cancel Instagram - that chapters over!”

Now, what does your soul say?

Depending on your relationship with yourself, with your soul and with your consciousness you might need a little bit of time, grace and compassion for yourself as you develop this skill because like everything we do it is a skill and it takes practise.

Even though I find it quite simple, if I get out of the habit of doing it this also becomes difficult for me as I put blocks in place. Obstacles, excuses, my energies feel off or my mind is running a mile a minute. all of these things can get in the way and part of the skill part of building the habit is building the time and space for it so my additional piece of advice here is set up the time and the place that you're going to tap into your soul and ask your soul to speak.

There's no right or wrong place or way to speak with your soul.

You might do it when you're walking around the neighbourhood, when you're out on a hike, maybe when you're cooking dinner if it's a time for you to just relax the busy mind and step down into the imaginative and into the intuitive mind. and this is a perfect condition for your soul to speak.

Maybe it's right when you wake up in the morning and you keep your eyes closed for a few more minutes and when you're in that half waking state you can ask that deeper question and all those layers of resistance haven't been built up yet.

Decide what's going to work for you time, place and energy and consider coupling it with something else you do that would be conducive to that type of atmosphere. Have fun and experiment. Allow yourself to be surprised, delighted and even sometimes just meh about it.

Remember, deciding to develop your soul speak is a gift that you can give yourself today.

If you'd like to share with me your comments, your questions or even your experiences this is an amazing place to do it or you can go find me over on Facebook and let me know how it all went.

If this is the sign that you would like to work with me closer either in a one-to-one mentorship, in our membership or Mastermind then I invite you to check out our services page. If you do have personal questions to make sure these offerings are the right fit for you - get into contact with me HERE.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Or become a member of Soul-led & Satisfied - THE membership for entrepreneurs who are ready to have it all.

Nikki x

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