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How to Find Your Passion (and avoid the identity crisis)

Over the years (even before my journey in business) I had given myself a complex around needing to figure out what my Purpose was - even trying to nail down what I was passionate about felt extremely painful and extremely necessary if I wanted to live a good life.

Really I was stuck in the fear that I was wasting my life if I didn’t have this knowledge.

How to Find Your Passion (and avoid the identity crisis)

Do you resonate?

You’re on the edge of a discovery, feeling closer than ever to the One Thing you were meant to do - you feel it, you know it, you…can’t quite name it.


And we’ve all been taught that your passion coupled with purpose, well, that’s the jack pot right?

  • Business will be easy.

  • Content will become a breeze.

  • The offers will basically sell themselves!

If only you could just find your passion… …because until you do you’ll just continue to float never quite trusting that you’re on the right path.

If only you could just find your passion… …because until you do you’ll just continue to float never quite trusting that you’re on the right path.

This is one of the trickiest parts of being an entrepreneur - or so you have been told.

But passion isn’t the problem. It never has been.

  • You are flush with passion.

  • It emanates from every pore.

  • There is no doubt you ARE passionate - otherwise you wouldn’t still be here.

And even if you’re passionate about a million things (I get it) with a little bit of examination you’ll see that it isn’t a problem but a means to discover your unique path.

Let’s start with a Big Truth.

You get to decide that what you’re passionate about is enough. There is no great mystery and it won’t take a miracle to figure it out. Simply - curiosity and commitment.

Uggh - not sexy right?

Where’s the Divine Download, the messages from the Angels or even a triumphant journey from Rock Bottom to Revelation? It’s taken all this time - months, years, decades - and it is a simple as a choice?

The part of you rebelling right now is frightened.

It knows that if you were to truly accept this Big Truth you’d have to change: what you’re doing, what you’re not doing and most importantly your beliefs around what is possible. Because it’s easy to not be successful when it requires a miracle to happen or if you need to be a genius, or to strike gold with a million dollar idea.

The Elephant in the Room

Your passions, values and strengths are not finite and finished.

Your passions, values and strengths are not finite and finished.

Change is our natural state (all humans but especially entrepreneurs) and the pursuit of certainty is keeping you trapped in inaction and letting you off the hook of pursuing your dream life and business.

It’s time to embrace the Divine Discomfort of not needing to know forever - and accept that knowing for now is enough.

How to find Your Passion

The following definitions are an invitation for you to begin to realise the truth you’ve been hiding from. You already KNOW what you’re passionate about.


  • Passion: object of intense desire, ardent affection, or enthusiasm

  • Value: one's [judgement] of what is important in life.

  • Strength: the skills and actions that a particular individual can do well.


  • What are you enthusiastic about?

  • What’s important to you?

  • What can you do well?

Journal on the above, or simple brain dump to get a solid starting point.

However, before you race to include them all in your next launch or business plan learn from my missteps. Exploring ALL of my passions at once lead me to trying to have art, writing, business, travel, life coaching and tarot reading in one streamlined ascension model. It didn’t last long and only sheer will held it all together.

Going after everything that peaks your interest can feel more confining than freeing.

So to take these passions to the next level and make sure they are both viable and valuable for your business I want you to ask yourself: Which are the most interesting (to me) and will have the most impact (for them)?

It will become clear where the sweet spot lies.

Obstacles to watch out for

1. The need to get it right.

2. The fear of committing.

3. The ‘it’s not Big Enough dream’ guilt trip.

All three are classic examples of a life influenced by the conditioning to avoid fear, embarrassment and disappointment.

Free yourself from these restrictive bindings are you will realise that a life lived passionately is more valuable that the constant desperate pursuit of it.

Beliefs to embrace

1. Change is to be celebrated.

2. Curiosity and a willingness to pivot is your greatest power. (Check out the blog on The Power of the Pivot here.)

3. Creating what you’re passionate about now is enough - and will be your most powerful work.

It will be no surprise to you that I identify as a multi-passionate creator and an idea expert. The ability to go from a seed of a concept to an entire course, class or client journey is something I could do half asleep.

That’s not to brag, simply to let you know I understand the impulse to keep creating new stuff, seeking the new horizons and pushing for the next big idea.

Today was about starting to untangle the messy thinking around what you should be doing in your business and to introduce you to the power of embracing your present passions.

To take this work further you might be ready to come join us in the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership - the space to find support, education and community going on this same journey. Sign up or learn more here.

I see today’s topic as refining work and introducing refreshing energy into your business practice - keep it light and love yourself through the process.

And if you find yourself still with too many ‘viable AND valuable ideas’ comment below or send me a dm for an extension activity to help narrow the offerings and find your sweet spot.


Nikki Wouters

Want to have a community around focussed on action and alignment? ​Join our free community over on FB.​

Nikki x

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