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The Power of the Pivot

Let's talk about when things aren't working.

We ALL experience this - so leave the shame, blame and guilt at the door so you can embrace The Power of the Pivot.

Challenges, mistakes and realising you're on the wrong path WILL happen in your business. The moment where you realise that this just isn't working.

Now, the first few hundred times you'll probably freak out. (That's normal by the way.) But, I'm going to guess that you're ready to talk about what comes next.

So you're done with the freak outs and have accepted that change has to now what?

Today I'm going to give you a 6 step process that truly taps into the power of the pivot.

This is a process that works for me but feel welcome to tweak, adapt and even skip whole steps that don't quite align with you*.

*Although the first time you might as well go through the whole process - you won't know if you like it until you try it.

Step 1: Pause

Have you ever heard the phrase ' fail fast'? It refers to the fact that you don't want to get bogged down in agonising over your mistakes and taking too long to move on. Yet, I argue that a pause is still necessary first.

And take this pause (5 minutes or a few days) with the intention to give yourself some breathing room because if you train yourself to just rush ahead - you'll move fast but it may not be in the right direction.

Step 2: Perspective

Get some perspective on the situation. You may wish to talk to trusted friends and colleagues or someone who's opinion you trust and value. This can also mean looking at the situation yourself from different perspectives to get a better understanding of what's occurred and can happen next.

Having a broader understanding and seeing the situation from multiple angles helps you to see the gaps and the gold and better prepare you for whatever comes next.

Step 3: Preference

There's a lot of strategy advice around making decisions. I don't think I've ever seen one that emphasises your preference. At the end of the day you can get advice from your most trusted mentor but if you don't want to do it, it doesn't align with your values or your integrity or it simply gives you the ick - then babe it's not gonna work.

Your preference for what happens next matters. Even if that means letting go rather than moving forward.

Step 4: Pivot

This is where you identify what changes need to be made. The pivot is the plan. Now that you've gotten a good understanding of the situation, you looked at it from multiple angles and you know your preference you can be decisive about what comes next. And like with all things I teach, the key here is going to be to keep it simple.

Come up with the Three Step flow and you're ready to go.

Step 5: Practice

This step will help you avoid another common mistake which is assuming once you've made the change it's going to be golden. As with anything new, there is a transition stage and some Growing Pains. In the Coven we call this 'the first phase'. Use it as a bit of an experiment - where you are practising and becoming familiar with the new plan.

This means accepting there will be mistakes, bumps and maybe a little bit of doubt - it's all part of the process.

Step 6: Permission

Give yourself permission for it to be messy at the start.

Give yourself permission to move on from the old plan and fully embrace this new one.

Give yourself permission to set a time limit for how long you're going to devote yourself to this plan.

In the permission stage give yourself whatever it is that you need.

The cool thing about this is you can repeat the cycle next time you need a pivot.

I wanted today's post to be something you can come back to time and time again so make sure you bookmark this page and if you've applied this to something in your life or business I'd love to hear about it in the comments below we can always send me an email

Ready to take this further and get some support from me? I have 1:1 coaching spaces available (use the email above) or if you'd like to step up into a group and get community as well as coaching - go check out my services page!

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

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Nikki x

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