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How to start your morning the right way

I absolutely LOVE my business and being the one in charge of what my days, my weeks and my years look like. That doesn't mean it isn't difficult, that there aren't challenges and that sometimes I just don't freaking feel like doing what I need to do.

Which brings us to one of the most obvious yet under-utilised habits: starting your morning the right way.

In today's blog I am going to suggest a few different ways that you can start your morning the right way. Side note: I don't know your particular circumstances so I invite you to truly tap into your intuition and connect to what works for you. And of course, if your morning (done the right way) looks very different from mine or those that I've suggested please share them with me in the comments below or tag me over on social media. I'm very eager to hear from you!

So let's dive in.

We have to start with your intention.

Do you currently have any intention around what your morning looks like or feels like? Don't worry if the answer to that question is: "Actually, I've never thought about it."

What I've found in my journey and through working with my clients on exactly this topic is that for many of us we are very clear on what we think we should DO and we jump straight into creating a to-do list, morning routine or ritual and laying out the exact timing of it... while having skipped getting clear on the intention behind it first.

So that's going to start today and then we'll dive into what this looks like for you.

1. What is your intention behind starting your day the right way?

  • perhaps it is to be more productive

  • to be more energised

  • to break an unhelpful habit

  • to make the most of your creative time in the morning

  • to change your sleep cycle

  • to have more me time before the family awakes

Getting clearer on your intention will make it so much easier to decide what you are actually going to do.

2. Next, identify the action that will most effectively set you up for your day and meet your intention.

  • If your intention is to be more energised perhaps a few minutes of simple intentional movement straight away.

  • If your intention is to release an unhelpful habit (for example hitting the snooze button or checking your phone) perhaps you consciously don't touch your phone until after your first coffee or another routine event in the morning.

  • If your intention is to make the most of your creative time in the morning perhaps the night before you set out your creative tools and spend time with them first thing.

As you can see, starting a morning the right way really builds upon your intention so don't skip that step.

I'm going to share with you now how I am currently starting my morning the right way.

And just like the examples above it really depends on my intention around it.

This means it won't always look the same for me and that's another important piece to starting your morning the right way - it will change.

So if you've fallen into the trap of trying to create a morning routine perfect for the rest of your life, please set aside that story right now.

My morning routine to start my day right way:

My intention is to create spaciousness and flow in my day. And after examining what gets me off track and out of flow in the morning it became clear to me what really works is for me to create before I consume.

This is a Mantra that I've been working with but is also very practical. I will not consume any content or social media, messages or emails before I have consciously and actively created something. It might be working on my novel, planning a masterclass, spending some time painting or even developing some strategy and structure in my business.

The beauty in this for me is that it starts my day right because the focus starts with my goals, my growth and my gifts. Rather than getting lost in comparison and consumption.

Starting your day right is of course a choice - but I truly think one of the most important ones you will make whether you're in business or not.

Let me know what your morning routine looks like when you start your day right and of course the intention behind that plan. Having trouble? Don't worry - simply ask your questions below or reach out to me on social media.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Or become a member of Soul-led & Satisfied - THE membership for entrepreneurs who are ready to have it all.

Nikki x

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