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How to Trust Divine Timing

So many of my clients (and myself included) have had turbulent relationships with the idea of Divine Timing. Are among us?

It is easy to trust in the Universe and all its infinite wisdom when we are winning - but what about when times are tough and doubt creeps in?

Does your faith waver?

Your mood fall?

Your patience thin?

Firstly, there is no punishment. The Universe isn’t taking it personally and it still has your back.

Secondly, let’s acknowledge that sometimes we DO want to see it to believe it.

Thirdly, we can work on strengthening this relationship.

The third one is where we shall focus today.

To be clear: trusting Divine timing isn’t about sitting back and waiting for stuff to happen FOR us. Rather it is the acceptance that as much as we have to do with our success and satisfaction, so to does the Universe have a part in it all.

Like a team, we both have roles to play in the greater scheme of things and we need to trust each other to do the required parts.

As I am a firm believer in Practical Magic we are going to get very clear today on what your responsibility is and where the boundaries lie. This will allow you to show up at 100%, do you part and then confidently allow the rest to be delivered in Divine Timing.

With your pen and paper handy consider the following. (I recommend cultivating a perspective of curiosity and withhold any expectation or comparison to the past or others. Simply let your intuition guide you.)

1. What are you currently working on and desire to see created in your life/business?

2. Within these goals, what is and isn’t within your control?

3. How can you make sure that you are devoted to the creation of these outcomes?

4. When will you know you have done all that you are able to (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually)?

5. What are a few ways you can demonstrate that you have faith and trust in the Universe to do its part?

6. How can you regain your trust and faith if it wavers?

Take your time with this activity - even setting it aside for a few hours if you need to recalibrate your energy or mood so that you can show up with clear intentions.

Learning to trust in Divine Timing comes down to clarity. So give yourself the gift of clear sight today.

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Nikki x

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