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How to Trust Your Intuition

Having Intuition and trusting it are two different things.

As an Intuitive Coach teaching others to tap into their intuitive gifts is something I do every single day. Through blogs, my Membership Soul-led & Satisfied and my mastermind The Coven along with the various courses, classes and content I create…literally I can talk about it for days.

What might seem surprising though is that when it comes to helping my clients tap into their intuition the challenges aren’t the obvious ones.

  • I don’t need to convince them that it exists (They’ve felt it).

  • We don’t get blocked by ways to connect (I give them dozens).

  • They aren’t doubting they would benefit (That’s why they are here).

Where so many of you get caught up when it comes to the Practical Magical application - is trust.

How to know if this is affecting YOU:

  • There is a strong impulse, a feeling or a knowing about what to do…but you convince yourself it’s unrealistic or that you don’t really want that.

  • When it comes to planning you let your intuition run wild…but then default to logic, structure and what others are doing when it comes to putting things in place.

  • You ask your intuition to guide you…but then get stuck overthinking whether it is intuition or fear speaking so you don’t do anything.

  • Maybe you naturally receive intuitive downloads without trying…but doubt you can deliver or live up to them.

Have I hit the nail on the head yet?

Whatever you challenge may be, you know if it is a trust issue.

Recently in a Group Call in Soul-led & Satisfied we spoke about Letting Intuition Lead (the replay is available for all members in our Portal - not a member? Dm me to join.)

And we covered exactly this: what to do when you don’t trust yourself or your intuition.

This simple 3 Questions process will help you act with more confidence, clarity and certainty when it comes to making decisions and following the advice of your own intuition.

  1. Am I safe?

  2. Are others safe?

  3. Is this for my highest good and goals?

With these 3 Questions answered you can be assured you are acting from a place of knowing, of integrity and if at the end of the day you don’t achieve the intended result…all will be well.

You can learn to trust yourself aka your intuition one step at a time.

Want to step it up?

Soul-led & Satisfied is one of the most welcoming spaces for the enchanted entrepreneur wanting to step more fully into their power, learn to let their intuition lead and love ALL aspects of their life along the way. Check out the information page HERE.

Loved today’s topic and the simple 3 step process? Share with me in the comments what landed with you today.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Nikki x

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