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Managing (My) Hyper-fixation

We are talking about hyper-fixation and the management of this habit today - and I do want to acknowledge and identify I am not an expert however I have a lot of personal experience when it comes to adapting and reacting to this in my life.

So this is MY journey - but also, it might help you on yours too.

Specifically, today I want to talk about it through the lens of the impact it can have on our businesses when hyper-fixation is present and not managed appropriately. Which is actually what made me realise that I was having an issue with it - because before I had a business being distracted or impulsive wasn't getting in the way of what a desired to create.

According to Oxford Specialist Tutors website, "hyper-fixation is the intense focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else."

And according to Idon' hyper-fixation or hyper-focus happens when you're engrossed by something to the point where it becomes all consuming and can impact your day-to-day functioning.

(This ringing any bells?)

What both of these definitions have in common is that it can be overwhelming - and whether applied to positive habits, hobbies and behaviours, or less than desirable ones, you can greatly impact the daily running of your life.

One trait everyone who finds themselves on my website has in common - is a desire to create massive change and impact in the world through their life and business. So for people like us, not knowing how to manage hyper-fixation can become a sabotage from which it can be hard to return.

In my experience, hyper-fixation often comes when I am not managing my physical, emotional or mental health resourcefully - and instead have turned to coping mechanisms that help me avoid what is causing stress. (Hyper-fixation is not always a coping mechanism and it can also present as a symptom of neuro-divergent people). The activities most common that I hyper-fixate on are reading (especially fanfiction), thinking about creating art or endless hours on Youtube or Tiktok.

Your hyper-fixations most likely will be different, and depending on the circumstances in your life they may present themselves from extremely mild to very debilitating. They can also change and vary in length of interest.

I want to give you 3 pieces of advice if you've identified that your experience of hyper-fixation is negatively impacting you and you desire to change that.

(get your pens out!)

#1 You have to be compassionate to yourself.

This is a coping mechanism, or a part of your neurochemistry and therefore you have not done anything wrong. It's a way to express your desires, your interests and to seek safety in things that feel familiar or interesting. And the pathway towards a more balanced relationship with hyper-fixation is not going to come from self-degradation or rejection.

#2 Understand the signs.

Once I identified my hyper-fixation activities and also acknowledged that it's very hard to stop and though about changes. Part of my management system was to either plan to do these types of activities when there was no other competing priorities or later in the day after I've achieved the task I had set for myself. This way it removes both The Guilt of ignoring my to-do list and also limits the amount of time that will be 'lost'.

So understanding both the warning, early stages and escalation signs is super helpful.

#3 Address the cause.

Figuring out the reason you feel the need to hyper-fixate, avoid or distract yourself can be a lifesaver. This may mean setting up professional help to guide you through unpacking what's occurring, or giving yourself the time and space to journal and contemplate what might be impacting your hyper-fixation.

And whatever the cause, you aren't wrong.

And I do want to make it clear this isn't about fixing yourself: because you're not broken. However, having a better understanding of what's going on is crucial. For me this lifted half the weight off my chest when I realised. It wasn't that I was lazy or not good enough. It wasn't a sign from the Universe that I wasn't meant to be in business either. What it meant was I needed to figure out what actually was going to support me: a journey I'm still going on.

It would make my day if you shared below your experiences with hyper-fixation and how today's blog has helped you step in the direction of a more compassionate relationship with it.

And as always, if you would like to work with me closer go check out my services page or message me directly so we can discuss the best pathway for you to get the help you need to create the life and business you desire.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

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Nikki x

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