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On Path & On Purpose (Unlock Unlimited Potential)

"Don't worry about finding your purpose. Just follow your curiosity and your purpose will find you."- The Spiritual Minimalist (Light Watkins).

Lately I have been diving into the concept of Spiritual Minimalism. The pursuit of less clutter and more curiosity in life: mind, body, soul (and for me business too). A journey that has totally levelled up my own philosophy around what is truly essential for me in this stage of my life.

  • Not more stuff.

  • Not more money, clients or programs.

  • And totally not more complicated strategies to 'be successful'.

Whether you've realised it yet or not, we are all really good at taking on board that which does not truly serve our soul - or even the mission we've chosen. The societal clutter of what constitutes a good life and what is necessary for a good business. All clutter we've collected unconsciously along the way.

Last week we spoke about How to Find Your Passion and how essential it is to release the hold you've had on discovering the perfect answer to that question. We embraced curiosity, played with being content with the present and celebrated the important role change has to play in your life's path.

This post continues that conversation and we head inwards to the seat of your power - YOU.

On Path & On Purpose blog

Being On Path & On Purpose

More than ever you need to begin to embrace the path of least resistance. As the world becomes more interconnected, the content we consume increases in intensity and there are so many possible pathways for you to walk down: where does your focus live? 1. On what others are doing and telling you to do?


2. On what will truly light you up and inspire you to create?

To choose your path, and to feel like you are walking it, requires the cultivation of a deeper sense of Self and your ability to place your need for certainty, stability and safety within your own hands.

You must become the anchor in the storm.

The certainty you are seeking (that part of you that just wants to KNOW what to do and how to do it) must come from within rather than from outside of you. Because anything less than becoming the captain of your own ship will end up with you either adrift in the sea or crashed upon the rocks.

Embrace that change is natural, the unknown is normal and YOU get to be the constant in your life.

There will ALWAYS be more that remains unknown than known - so do yourself a favour and stop giving up your power.

Embrace that change is natural, the unknown is normal and YOU get to be the constant in your life.

Lesson #1:

Be your own source of certainty.

Being Off Path

My history of being off path is a combination of floating aimlessly and crashing hard.

My need for certainty - and seeking it constantly outside of myself - led me to doing ANYTHING I could to maintain control. I'd convinced myself that if I knew what was going to happen then I'd be okay. Not happy.

Not thriving.

Not comfortable.

The goal was to simply be certain of what would happen next.

Even if that meant staying in a toxic relationship/situationship/thing (I still have no clue what this was) for years. Or, staying in a job that was slowly draining me of the will to do anything other than eat, sleep and work. Or, sticking with aspects of my business that were working on some level but never truly lit me up in the way I'd been hoping.

I'd rather be certain than try something new. At the time it was all I knew and this isn't about judging, blaming or shaming myself either. I was simply trying to survive.

You might be in this stage right now. Looking around at your life and seeing a bunch of stuff and situations that you realise aren't in alignment and totally stuck on what to do about it.

Let's get you out of there and back on your path.

Getting back On Path & On Purpose

Regardless of whether you are off path right now, or might be in the future, having a strategy to return to being on path and on purpose is super duper important. And to return to your path requires the cultivation of some empowering beliefs.

There is nothing written in stone and no pre-determined path you MUST walk in this life - you get to decide what comes next and how you go about creating it.

There is one in particular I want to gift you with today.

"We are in the constant creation of our story."

"We are in the constant creation of our story."

Isn't that exciting?

When you choose the mantle of the conscious creator there is great potential in every new day and in each new chapter. What comes next is up to you.

Lesson #2:

Choose an empowering story.

Journalling Prompts to Connect to Your Certainty

Before starting, take a few moments to ground yourself in the present moment. You may also wish to remind yourself of empowering stories and declutter any lingering conditioning or doubt. Journal on these prompts.

  1. What I know...

  2. What I don't know...

  3. What I need to know...

  4. What I don't need to know...

The priority here is in the examination of your thoughts and how they might be impacting you. Don't be surprised if this is a little more deep than you were expecting. A reflection of mine through this process was realising I thought I NEEDED to know my concrete business plan for the next 5 years. I had been told that so many times through courses, coaches and content - I hadn't realised how attached I'd become to it. I ended up asking myself: do you actually need to know what you business will look like in 10 years? Or has that been a convenient excuse to not commit to your business plan now? Oh... Once you've unpacked your own interesting (and maybe confronting thoughts) here are two more questions.

  1. How can I embrace curiosity more?

  2. How can I be my source of certainty?

Whatever it is you discover, uncover or face I want to remind you of your power. This is YOUR life and what comes next will be a reflection on how you choose to respond.

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Nikki Wouters Life Coach

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Nikki x

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