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Setting Soul Goals (Practical & Magical)

💖✨ You get to be WILDLY SUCCESSFUL and also TOTALLY ALIGNED mind, body, soul and business. 💖✨ And to help you do just that - today we are talking about...

setting soul goals

You get to decide what comes next - and how you get there.

I didn't always believe that.

There was so much tension - and sometimes even a tantrum or two - when I thought about what I wanted to do because fundamentally it all felt out of my control.

Why dream when it just reminds you of what you won't have?

Why plan when you know it never pans out?

Why try when you'll just fail? Goals were just something to set and forget - but not anymore.

Your ability to understand, connect with and find true meaning and passion for your goals is going to be an infinite resource during the journey.

Laptop Lifestyle community

Last week, I was invited to speak in a beautiful community to shed some soul-aligned light on setting goals for those seeking the laptop lifestyle and heading down the path of entrepreneurship.

Not only did we have some real talk about what it takes to step into business but also the importance of connecting deeply to your goals.

And I want share 3 very pivotal pieces from that talk that all good goals need to be. To help you do just that - let's dive into how NOT to set goals, how to successful set goals (via the soul) and how to stay committed to them. Let's do this!

Where setting ‘traditional’ goals goes wrong

The traditional way focusses on getting it right - right now!

There is no space for natural growth, evolution and miracles - and certainly not for setting your sights on true alignment: mind, body and soul.

traditional goal setting

If you've ever been in a course or training where you've had to set SMART Goals then I bet you've experienced the struggle of trying to capture and quantify and end goal (usually before you've even started aka you have NO CLUE what it's actually going to look like).

A very soul-less experience.

There is nothing wrong with setting a SMART Goal (or any other traditional structure) and depending on the project and your preference they can be very successful.

HOWEVER, such black and white frameworks tend to ignore intuition, flow or even the users right to operating with ease and grace.

Growth (and therefore goals) in my opinion must be expansive, flexible and authentic. Without true feelings of connection they too easily become obsolete or sources of avoidance.

Recalibrating for Soul Goals

connect to your intuition

To begin to shift in the direction of bringing in your intuition, heart and yes - soul - you need to make a few adjustments. Here are 3 steps to recalibrating your goals so that they include the true essentials for success.

#1 Learn to use your Inner Guidance System.

Your Inner Guidance System is your connection to your Higher Self and your ability to utilise your intuition.

A simple way I teach my clients to do this is to seek Resonance rather than Reason. Resonance is:

  • that full body YES feeling

  • an impulse or yearning to head in a particular direction

  • a feeling of expansion and curiosity

  • or even clear communication from guides, tools or your spirit team

#2 The 3 Ss

Here is where we bring in a more soul-aligned framework.

1. Simple - clear and easy to understand. If you can't explain it with clarity you wont' be able to achieve it.

2. Sacred - holds a meaning beyond 'I should', 'everyone does it' and 'I think I can'. Making your goals sacred allows them to hold a special place in your heart and be a true expression of your Calling.

3. Self First - make sure these are your goals. While you might desire to serve and help people via your business (family, customers, society) this is your life. By placing yourself at the centre you can stay committed and fulfilled for the long term.

#3 Energetic Timeline Activity

When I ran the talk, I took everyone through an Activity to help them attune to their goals and how far into the future to set them in order to remain connected and clear.

I will give a short explanation here but you can also listen to today's podcast over on Spotify to hear me talk you through it.

The episode is entitled 'Setting Soul Goals (Practical & Magical).

1. You may wish to seek solitude for this and have a pen and paper handy for afterwards.

2. Allow yourself to come into a grounded space.

3. Imagine a timeline and allow yourself to drift along until you find yourself naturally at your limit. (This might be 2 weeks to 10 years or more.)

4. This is how far into the future you are connected to at this time.

5. Within this time frame set your goals and milestones.

6. Connect to them regularly and adjust as needed.

Staying connected (and on track) to your goals

Now that you've set your goals we need to remain connected to them and like all good things - it gets to be simple.

Find the joy in the journey.

Celebrate along the way.

If you'd like help in remaining connected to the journey and the amazing progress you are making (even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it) then you're going to love my simple and sacred $8AUD Energetic Investment Activity - you can find it here in my shop.

And before we sign off I wanted to help you empower yourself along this path to setting your soul goals with a simple Permission Slip. "I give myself permission to grow, change and evolve my goals throughout the journey as I seek to stay in full alignment mind, body, soul and business."

Had some awesome AHAS? Make sure to comment below or share with me via social media @nikki.wouters.intuition!

Nikki Wouters Coach & Creator

To take this work further come join us in the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership - the space to find support, education and community going on this same journey. Sign up or learn more here.​

Nikki x

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