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Stop Trying To Save Your Clients

There is a deep calling in my soul to be of great service to the world. And I know I'm not alone in that.

For many of you finding this blog post, interacting with my content, or have been exposed to the ripple effect of my work - more than likely you too possess a soul of service. But we are not trained and taught to tap into this divine, infinite power source which leads many of us to stumble our way through the dark and sometimes make a mess of things.

Today I'm going to tell you one of the greatest messes I've made ( in the hope that you'll navigate around this pitfall or at least not fall as far as I did).

Stop trying to save your clients.

The why of this is actually quite simple: everyone is capable of saving themselves and it is a disservice if you take that away from them.

Imagine all the times in your life where you learnt through challenge; where you overcame adversity; and where you had that fist bump - f*ck yeah moment - of figuring something out.

And let's all be honest about the times when someone swooped in and saved us... we didn't actually learn that much or we felt cheated from the sense of success because it wasn't really our own.

Our clients are looking for answers - but your duty of care is not to spoon fed them but to teach your clients to create the answers themselves.

So how was this one of my greatest misses?

(because you might still be wondering how this can be a problem if that's what people are asking for? And doesn't it make it easier for them if someone just takes care of it?)

The thing is, I want to create deep massive change in the world and that can only come through the real and radical transformation of my clients. So that when we part ways they become the agent of Change and not simply the recipient of a set of answers.

And now I call upon you to look into how you're operating with your clients.

  • Are you seeking to save them?

  • Are you hoping to always have a perfect answer?

  • Are you walking a knife's edge of always needing to be right?

  • Do your clients expect you to do the heavy lifting for them?

  • Do you find yourself in positions of constantly proving?

  • Do you wonder why "I do everything right?" and it still isn't enough?

These questions are not exhaustive but they should definitely lead you in the right direction to figuring out how you're truly showing up for your clients.

And this gets to be a choice that you make for yourself - what you're willing to do and why. There is no right or wrong answers - only those which align. But I speak from experience when I say, saving people is not an act of service.

Let's be real. This conversation might be frustrating AF or it might have been exactly what you needed to hear to begin supporting rather than saving people.

Spoiler: I don't have all the answers and I never promise you that I do. My gift is in the guidance of my intuition, the strength of my gifts and the depth of my willingness to learn, grow and show the process.

If that is the kind of coach you are looking for I encourage you to go check out my services page and to get into contact with me so we can discuss a partnership (not a saviour-ship).

Did this blog resonate? Make sure to share this with a friend and share your biggest take away below.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Or become a member of Soul-led & Satisfied - THE membership for entrepreneurs who are ready to have it all.

Nikki x

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