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Surviving Solo: Overcoming Challenges and Staying Aligned as a Soulpreneur

We are going to spend our time together with the intention to bring you to a place where you can continue forward on the adventure that is entrepreneurship from a place of love, trust and pixie dust and hopefully alleviate you of the energy of burnout and doubt.

No biggie.

FYI: If you’re flying high, making a mint and have absolutely no business/life balance issues (congratulations) this probably isn’t something you need and I’ll see you in the next one.

For the rest of us who are somewhat messily making magic - and mayhem - on the path to the entrepreneurial dream this one is definitely for you.

So today, we are talking about...

Overcoming Challenges and Staying Aligned as a Soulproneur.

The Challenges

Let’s just admit it.

Working with clients, continuing to develop your skills, doing your own healing work, showing up on social media, managing your taxes and wearing all the other hats as a solo soulpreneur is hard AF.

For anyone.

And when you add to it a deep calling to walk this path from a place of authentic truth, soul-alignment and with the intention to manifest more joy and freedom - not simply another 9-5 - you might be wondering if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

Especially if right now you are looking around at the state of your life and business wondering when the tornado hit because it’s all just one big mess.

Your peace of mind is scattered across the floor and it feels like a lifetime ago since you’ve woken up without stress, overwhelm and impending doom as a companion.

Or, perhaps you are keeping it together…but waiting for that other shoe to drop or the next challenge to arise that you won’t be able to recover from.

Whether you are seeing yourself in the above examples, or have your own unique chaos going on I want you to Know that you aren’t alone in that. Every entrepreneur must realise that overcoming challenges is necessary - but it doesn't have to be painful or a reflection of your own worth. (Need to work on your worthiness? Head over to the Worthiness blog HERE.)

You can drop the burden that you’ve done something wrong, messed something up or just won’t be able to figure this shit out.


You might imagine the energy of this wound dissolving, or letting it go like a helium balloon or maybe you’re called to toss it into an internal ritual fire.

Do something to let that shit go.

Then take a minute (actually do this) and breathe. Go for as long as you need for your breath to be deep, even and steady.

Come back when you are there.






Welcome back, now let’s keep going.

Overcoming Challenges

I want to introduce you to some perception shifting ideas in a moment. Some will resonate and some might not. I invite you to stay in a fully empowered place and take what works and leave the rest.

Challenge - is this word (and energy) serving you?

When shit hits the fan or plans fall apart we are not being challenged but guided.

The difference here is in taking from the feminine rather than the masculine.

masculine and feminine energy

The Masculine Perspective

The masculine says we must meet fire with fire. We (our very souls, safety and self) are being challenged so we must push back, fight back and if we don’t win the options are a) flee or b) die.

These are extremes, yes. I bet it feels true though.

  • How many times have you perceived something wasn’t working in your business and you tossed it out?

  • Burnt it to the ground?

  • Got angry and convinced yourself it wasn’t meant to be?

  • Or kept pushing for it to work even beyond your own capacity?

The Feminine Perspective

The feminine perspective offers that this ‘challenge’ is a force that we can flow with and be guided by. To a new path, a new way of Being or even a new realisation of self or situation.

And that doesn't always means flow away from.

The feminine is just as capable of standing in her power and bearing down.

Just because she has a softer approach, a more fluid approach, doesn’t make her - you - weak.

  • Are you being guided to go deeper?

  • Further?

  • To become more intimately intertwined with your present place and state?

Reflection: What challenges are you currently facing where you can embrace this shift to the feminine perspective and allow Her to be of use in furthering your original agenda?

Staying Aligned

The above work will help you get more deeply present with the situation and this next part will be helpful in continuing to make moves forward.

The final piece I want to share today is around staying aligned as you navigate the challenges or guiding opportunities.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to work on developing your soul stamina to withstand the swaying of the branches of your faith.

How deep can you go?

How long can you stay?

How devoted can you walk the path?

Your ability to remain - is what will make the difference between creating the life you desire and seeing it fail to manifest.

Challenges - are the infinite trial.

Soul Stamina - the infinite treatment.

And this way of Being requires a changing of ways.

Of how we support and care for ourselves.

Of how we run our business behind the scenes and in public.

Of the kind of people and places we are drawn to being in.

Set the intention to be who you need to be within and without.

This path takes you into and through vulnerability to find your power - where you will realise it was there all along.

It is a journey and one you do not have to walk alone. I’ve never been more certain that every single entrepreneur has to be operating on all levels - mind, body and soul - if they truly want to create a life and business they love.

That it isn’t enough anymore (if it ever was) to hustle, grind and then fall into retirement completely spent.

Magic quote

To help you honour yourself inside and out, I want to give you as much support as possible and the best place for that to occur is inside the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership.

  • Build your Soul Stamina.

  • Rewire your mind and business for magic

  • Unlock the full potential of your self and your services.

  • Honour that you are here to create a LIFE not simply a job.

Come and join us.

And make sure to use code newmember20 for 20% your first 3 months on the monthly plan or sign up annually and save plus receive some epic lifetime bonuses.

Nikki Wouters Intuitive Coach

To take this work further come join us in the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership - the space to find support, education and community going on this same entrepreneurial journey. Sign up or learn more here.​

Nikki x

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