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The Work of Worthiness (Part 2)

Where we left off last time…

It is easy to view our thoughts as facts but they aren’t. Our thoughts are reflections of our experiences, our conditioning and our habitual thinking.

And habits can be changed.

So TODAY I am going to dive deeper into what the work of worthiness looks like and some practical tools, tips and takeaways for you to begin embedding them into your mind, body, soul and business ASAP.

The Work of Worthiness (Part 2)


When I first began this work I had NO IDEA that I was working on my worthiness.

Genuinely I believed I just wasn’t skilled enough, smart enough, emotionally regulated enough, confident enough, outgoing enough, articulate enough, thin enough, pretty enough, interesting enough…

Okay, you get the point.

There were very logical and quantifiable reasons for why I was not where I desired to be - none of which I connected to my internal sense of worth.

So I went on a journey of self education and betterment!

The answer to my problems was to learn more, experience more, practice more, qualify more, challenge myself more, read more, watch more, date more, exercise more, travel more…

Okay, you get the point.

And while on the outside I improved (I lost 25kgs, got a bf, learnt how to wear makeup properly and travelled around the world) on the inside…I was still struggling. A LOT.

I didn’t feel worthy.

Feeling unworthy.

How did I know that? I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, the money to run out, the bf to leave and the dream of things working out to explode in my face.

But you aren’t here to wallow with me but learn from the life and lessons I’ve lived and to step up and into your power more firmly and more fully.

So let’s talk about…

The Work Of Worthiness

To make this consumable and actionable I’ll break it down into sections that will help you to learn more about worthiness and get you thinking and applying to your life right now.

I encourage you to have:

a) Read Part 1 first (find it here) and

b) have a note pad and pen handy for any AHA moments

Lesson #1 The Work

Firstly, worthiness IS work. Ugh.

Not because you have to earn it - but because you have to unlearn all the BS that convinced you you weren’t worthy in the first place.

To strip back the layers (the voices, the beliefs, the habits and the history) that tells you that you aren’t good enough.

This is a healing journey first and foremost.

✍️ Now grab your pens and let’s get cracking.

  1. Where are your worthiness wounds? (The areas in your life where you feel like you aren’t good enough now - or can never be.)

  2. If you were to treat these as actual wounds (spiritual/mental/emotional) what could you do to begin to ease the pain or discomfort?

  3. What resources or support will you require on your healing journey?

  4. What is one step you can take today on this healing journey?

You are Worthy

I encourage you to be gentle throughout this process and trust the any healing journey takes time and care. And the reason I speak in terms of ‘begin’ and ‘journey’ is simply because you aren’t a project to be finished but a beautiful person that deserves true consideration and compassion.

If you would like 1:1 support and coaching from me you can find out more about my services HERE or email me directly at

Lesson #2 The Worthiness

You are inherently worthy.

There is no proving needed and no test to take. You’ve already made it.

(Yes, even with the wounds. They may be impacting you but they can never diminish you.)

However, where I went wrong - and many spiritual teachers and personal development content unintentionally leads people astray - is thinking that if I reached an internal state of acceptance of my worthiness that everything I wanted would suddenly manifest into my life.

The clients.

The money.

The opportunities.

The cars, clothes and cool shit.

That removing the internal blocks would make way for the internal things.

That’s only half the story.

Worthiness is great for improving your life, manifesting your desires and achieving results YES…but it also requires action.

Energy + Effort.

Alignment + Action.

Worthiness + Work.

We are physical, tangible beings living in a physical, tangible world. And that means we do need to apply effort in making things happen.

✍️ Time to pick up your pens again!

  1. What do you desire to create or experience?

  2. What tangible actions or effort (within your capacity) can you take to move closer to these outcomes?

  3. How will you consistently acknowledge yourself as you take steps forward?

Nikki’s Pro Tip: Don’t do what I did and go all in on the effort and forget the energy. It’s the combination of both that makes this work.

Lesson #3 The Wonder

The cool thing is that when you feel worthy, think worthy and trust you are worthy - the work because easier.

You are literally getting out of your own way and:

  • You finally KNOW what it is you want from a place of love and alignment.

  • You finally KNOW what you are willing (and not willing to do) and are at peace with that.

  • You finally KNOW what life and business is like when you are all in AND looking after yourself.

This shouldn’t come as a shock but I don’t have all my shit figured out and I still freak out at times.

The difference is however that even in the most rocky moments where the finances feel like they are taking a nose dive, the leads seem to dry up and the signs start pointing in the direction of a comfy teaching job…I don’t lose sight that what I want and who I want to be matters.

It keeps me getting back up.

It keeps me logging back in.

In keeps me from opting out.

Because my worth is no longer in question.

As we start to bring Part 2 of The Work of Worthiness to a close I hope that I’ve helped you along the path to the realisation of your own worth and worthiness.

If the examples I’ve shared or the questions I’ve asked have lead you to a deeper understanding of self and your situation I’d love to hear about it. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, DM me on social media @nikki.wouters.intuition or send an email via

Thank you for going to this vulnerable place with me.

Nikki Wouters Intuitive Coach

To take this work further come join us in the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership - the space to find support, education and community going on this same entrepreneurial journey. Sign up or learn more here.​

Nikki x

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