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Why Entrepreneurs Get Stuck (And what to do about it)

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

This topic can be tricky to navigate because for many entrepreneurs to admit we are stuck, lost or maybe in total chaos can feel as good as saying...

"I'm not good enough - I can't do this - I give up!"

Which of course is total BS...but we've all had those moments.

Why Entrepreneurs Get Stuck (And what to do about it)

So let's talk about it.

As humans we search for meaning above all else.

  • Why am I here?

  • Why does this matter?

  • Why is this life not yet enough?

That last one has plagued not just me - I’m sure it’s familiar to many of you too.

That sometimes curious, often times insidious, thought which makes us question what the heck we are doing in our lives, our health, our relationships, our careers, our business and even here on earth.

And it comes down to how we are trained.


As a collective we are born within a world that offers infinite possibilities to create, to experience and to live in a way that is meaningful for ourselves and those around us. Yet, society has conditioned as to fear this potential.

This inability for radical free thought, ironically the full sovereignty of our own lives, has been perpetuated by those already in power and profiting from the communal complacency.

Your yearning is the truth - your fear is the conditioning.

And your yearning has brought you to the path of the entrepreneur; you are someone set upon creating their own fortune and being in control of their own future.

But where is that yearning leading you?


Joseph Campbell Quote

Joseph Campbell reminds us that our personal pursuit of meaning and contribution is worthy of devotion.

That to seek out where we can grow individually and serve humanity is in fact why we are here - why you are here.

Not to be a copy of someone else either. A trap we ALL fall into along the path to creating and sustaining our own business is the temptation to ‘do what works’.

Often looking like implementing strategies, products and personas of those ahead of us on the path. The consequence? Unsuccessful and unfulfilled entrepreneurs back at square one.

True devotion and service comes when we are walking (even if sometimes blindly) in the direction of a vision that has been planted from the seeds of our own desires.

Let’s admit it.

Being of service to humanity is a big responsibility and scary AF to contemplate if you’ve spent decades getting by, trying to keep yourself above water and aiming for a safe and certain life.

Even those of us walking the entrepreneurial path may have been sticking to safer routes and unwilling to strike out on our own.

To even contemplate setting your compass to a new north and changing your trajectory now might seem more than you can hold.

Where do you even start?


Acknowledging it’s easier to stay the same.

It would have been easier for me to stay working as a teacher. I did it for 10 years. I knew what to expect.

Even when I lived and worked in England and China - teaching never changed. Early in my career - a few years in - I remember seeing a teacher that had been in the same school for 20 years who was complaining about the same things that she’d been complaining about probably for 20 years.

To stay would mean l would get technically better sure, but never further ahead or fulfilled.

  • Are you in the same place right now?

  • Seeing yourself treading water and wondering is this it?

  • Doubting it can be different?

Let’s break you free from that spell.


1. Out loud acknowledge that it would be easier to stay the same BUT that you don’t want to. Own it.

2. Take out a pen and paper and create a list of all of the reasons why you want to discover your unique path and devote yourself to it.

3. Set one non-negotiable change that you will actively work towards this week, this month and this year.

It will be tempting to go unconscious and fall back into the old thoughts and patterns so I encourage you to schedule in when you will work on these changes.

And if you’re already beginning to question if you can - you have two options.

  • Set smaller goals.

  • Celebrate ALL of your progress no matter how small.

Quick wins now will set you up for larger ones in the future and the more you get used to acknowledging that you are making progress and doing meaningful work the easier it will become to continue.

#soulwins and getting into the habit of celebrating is something we do often in the ​Soul-led & Satisfied Membership​ - come join us if you want a community to support you along your entrepreneurial journey.

This work today is more than enough to reorientate you on your path.

Take this seriously but treat it lightly and if you desire support on this journey start by sharing with me by commenting below with what you’ve uncovered and your action plan.

Claim it.

Next week you are going to start hearing about a process that has helped me and will help you too - my working title for this journey - the Soul-led Starter Kit: the solopreneurs guide to an aligned business.

Make sure to tune back in and stay caught up - life and business - is about to be a lot more soul-led & satisfied.

Nikki Wouters Coach & Creator

Want to have a community around focussed on action and alignment? Join our free community over on FB.

Or become a member of Soul-led & Satisfied - THE membership for entrepreneurs who want mind, body, soul AND business success.

Nikki x

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