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Why Intuition is necessary for Female Entrepreneurs

Most of the women who find themselves in my neck of the witchy-web are entrepreneurs or Women with a Vision that extends beyond the normal scope of a 9-5 career.

You have Big Visions.

Epic Goals.

Mighty Aspirations.

And what all of that means is the way we think is pretty similar.

Why do you need Intuition?

One thing in particular that I have found resonates with all the women I work with or work alongside is the desire to forge a deeper connection to their intuition. Because at the core of that desire is the knowledge that when we are acting from our intuition, a place of greater understanding or knowing, then what we create - is magical.

* The energy is higher.

* The results are more fantastic.

* The ripple effect felt upon the world can be staggering.

And this is just the beginning.

Reasons why Intuition is necessary for Entrepreneurs:

1. Massive Impact

The impact you have on the world is amplified from this space of alignment. Think of a time when you were acting from a space of knowing and true awareness of your intentions and just how right it all felt. The planning, the execution and the outcome.

The Universe conspires to help you create that which is most in alignment.

Learning to tap into this resource is made easier when your intuition is cultivated and used often in all areas of life.

2. Health Benefits

When you are fighting against yourself - the body rebels.

Headaches, pains, cramps, colds etc. Your body inside and out goes out of whack when you are not acting from a place of alignment.

Connecting to, and using, your intuitive powers allows you to be certain that the choices you are making and the way you are showing up in business and life are supportive of your highest good.

Learning to listen to your body is one gift that intuition provides.

3. Decision Making

Making decisions becomes so much easier with this extra filtering system!

Skip the questions around should I, what if it doesn’t, what will they think about…

Learning to rely on your own guidance and trusting that regardless of the outcome you are acting from a place of true alignment is so empowering.

Read my latest blog Intuitive Goal Setting For Beginners for more details on this point.

4. Magic of momentum

Once you start doing it in one area of your life it is natural for it to start coming through in all areas too.

Get the ball rolling in your business and see how it up levels everything from you relationships to your hobbies. And a happy person makes a happy business owner which makes for happy customers too!

If you are a Woman With Vision and you found this article helpful then I would love to hear from you in the comments!

And if you’d like to learn more about connecting to your intuition then I invite you to join my 6 Week Course Awaken Your Magic.

*Round 1 goes live 7th February - 18th March

*Early Bird signup $333 (save 50%)

*For Women who are ready to level up in life

Let me know in the comments if you want to be more connected with your intuition this year and learn how to Awaken Your Magic!

Nikki x

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