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Authentic Empowerment

I'm starting today by sharing three of the major driving forces in my business which I use to create everything from copy to courses.

Inspire. Empower. Guide.

The three words that get me grounded in the energy that I need in order to operate at my best.

These words - but more importantly the energy inherent within them - are the Bridge between where my clients are and where they desire to go.

And I know if this is how I start and end my day then I am on track, in alignment and working towards my greatest vision.

And today we're focusing on that middle word: empower. Authentic empowerment to be specific.

However, let's start with inauthentic empowerment.

There are so many get rich quick schemes, spiritual-ish Gurus and slick sales people out there who superficially package their offerings as empowerment.

And when I talk about inauthentic empowerment and the people who take advantage of those seeking to feel more able, more capable and more control of their lives it's comes down to the lack of integrity.

( Today is not a conversation about alternative strategies, masculine approaches, done-for-you services or other traditional structures. All of which have a place in the world and in personal development.)

Inauthentic empowerment is literally setting people up for a quick ascent and an even quicker fall.

And I bet every single one of you have experienced this in the past. At the time you feel freaking amazing - but as soon as you're out of that overwhelming, overly saturated environment you realise that none of the hype is sustainable.

I spent what felt like years, but was actually only about 8 months, working with a coach that was so magnetic you believed anything was possible. On the surface that looks empowering AF. The reality though was myself and many of the other clients felt wrung out after every week and when results didn't happen it was due to a fault within us.

And when you're operating in this pattern of highs and lows every single week - and some people had been there for years - you begin to mistrust feeling confident, feeling clarity and feeling certain about your own ability to achieve and act.

That is how you know you're operating in a cycle of inauthentic empowerment.

Now, what is authentic empowerment?

For starters it's going to be one of the most enriching and expansive energy sources once you fully tap into it.

Authentic empowerment doesn't rely on immediate success or the attainment of external results in order for you to love, trust and believe in yourself.

Authentic empowerment teaches you that you are worthy along the journey and it doesn't hold back for you to reach the destination.

It is my greatest wish that I authentically empower my clients so they are equipped - Mind, Body & Soul - to navigate the world and business through any challenge regardless of where they're at currently. This also has the beautiful long term effect of creating resilient people in the world.

Empowerment Check

  • Are you working within a system of authentic empowerment?

  • What would it mean if you you were?

  • What can you change to be more Authentically Empowered?

These are big questions and you might not have all the answers right now but I encourage you to dig deep and allow yourself to go there.

Regardless of what is revealed, know and trust that you have the capacity within you to right any wrongs and come into deeper alignment with your power, your purpose and your true potential in the world.

Want to step on the path to authentic empowerment? Come join us in Soul-led & Satisfied or apply for a spot in The Coven Mastermind.

Now's your opportunity to share with us what's come up and through for you today and how you're going to apply this in your life and business. See you in the comments.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Or become a member of Soul-led & Satisfied - THE membership for entrepreneurs who are ready to have it all.

Nikki x

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