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Mindset Shift: How to Take Control of Your Business

Are you ready for a mindset shift? I hope so because that's what we're going to be diving in today as we discuss honouring your business as a creation!

In my experience the words we use and the way we view things really, really matters because whether we like it or not it is those nuances that are influencing us and the way that we make choices every single day.

I didn't know it but I had a very combative and also a very defeated perspective around business for a long time.

When I thought about creating the life I wanted to live, making the type of money that I desired to create and being able to influence and impact people in a real tangible way through my business there was such a lack lingering in the back of my mind.

Now I can put it into words.

To me (and maybe to you right now) business was an achievement. A destination that I simply had to work hard at in order to reach. This type of thinking limited me for a very long time.

Because it's false.

Take a minute - or as long as you need - to assess whether you've also been carrying this misconception.

The flawed thinking the just tells you to work harder, work longer, work more efficiently and hit upon the right idea: all of which will magically catapult you to success.

Entrepreneurs you have been sold a dream that isn't yours.

That is the reason you're still in struggle, strife and suffering more often than not.

You need not stay there any longer though. You have all the tools available to you in order to make the switch reviewing a business and your future as a creation.

So what happens when you start to view business as a creation?

  • The old rules no longer apply that tell you to conform to someone else's standard.

  • The way you plan and promote your business works for you.

  • You get to figure it out as you go rather than have a 10 year plan before getting started.

  • Changes a suddenly opportunities, not mistakes.

  • Your imagination becomes a valued tool rather than a spanner in the works.

  • Your unique self expression is part of the process.

To me what was probably the most liberating aspect of beginning to view my business as a creation is that I realised it was a process of discovery. No longer was I an outsider trying to break into the cool club, learn their rules and hope to fit in.

I also realised that the advice I have heard so many times suddenly made so much more sense. "Create your business on your terms."

It felt ridiculous before because it clashed with how I'd been trained. It felt impossible.

It felt like if I tried to do it that way I would never be successful and all the work I done would be wasted.

If you've felt any of that before this is your invitation to begin to ask the question: what would it mean for me if I viewed business as a creation?

  • What would you let go of?

  • What would you introduce?

  • What would suddenly feel easy?

Take some time to answer these questions and think deeper into your own personal truth. Then I invite you to come back here in and share with me in the comments what's come up and through for you.

And as always if you'd like to take this further and have an intuitive coaching guide on your journey consider joining the Soul-led & Satisfied membership, The Coven Mastermind or apply for one to one coaching so we can take you from where you are now to where you desire to be next by emailing me at

Nikki Wouters Intuitive Coach and business mentor

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Nikki x

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