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Overcoming the Fantasy Trap: Starting Where You're At in Goal Setting

Goals goals goals goals goals - we all have them but how many of us are happy with our progress in attaining them?

I've honestly had a love-hate relationship with goals for such a long time because it is so easy for me to dream, to imagine, to wonder and to fantasise about all the amazing things that I can do in my life, in my career, in my relationships, with my art and literally with anything else in between.

before you begin the journey

Do you feel this too?

That you're perhaps on the roller coaster of dreaming big, making goals, setting plans and then either getting totally f****** overwhelmed with how many you've set - fully lost in that limbo area between knowing what you want and having no idea on how to get there.

Today I'm going to help you with a reality check approach that will change how you view your goal setting and your capacity to get there.

(BTW this entire blog is inspired by my free mini-course over in our FB community Aligned Action Takers where I am currently running 6 FREE Masterclasses to take you from spinning in circles to singing your praises because you're taking confident, clear and consistent action. Join us HERE.)

An important step before we begin: I invite you to release any story around where you should be by now.

It doesn't matter if you could have, should have, would have, might have, did have and now don't have... stories are simply fancy excuses to justify why we stopped trying.

And if you hated the freaking sound of that, and if the inner voice within you rebelled at the thought that you might be doing something so insidious, and let's be honest, a really shitty thing to do - good. It shows that you are ready to release those stories, break that habit and tread a new path. That is going to let you go in the direction of your dreams.

after reaching your goal

And not the kind that only live in your fantasies and that feel good when you imagine them but are real and in your reality (and probably a lot sooner than you think.)

So how do you overcome the fantasy trap? It begins with starting where you're *actually* at.

The three benefits of getting clarity on where you're *actually* at are: #1 You honour where you've come from and the skills and resources already available to you. #2 You can address and heal any gaps in your current beliefs systems and behaviours. #3 You will be able to plan out your next best steps and begin gaining momentum sooner.

This isn't a quick race to the finish line - it is your life.

So when you begin to show up with an attitude of respect and presence you are creating such a fertile soil for all your dreams to grow in. This isn't wasted time but precious preparation.

Before you start goal setting:

1. In as much detail as possible, write down all the skills, resources, qualifications, life experience and gifts you possess. Don’t hold anything back.

2. Then consider what you may need to learn, practice or attain that might help fill any gaps in your experience. Consider what is likely to be needed - this isn’t about information gathering.

3. Choose 1 of the above gaps and make a plan to improve your skills in this areas by the end of the week. Not about perfect - it’s all about progress.

Today's lesson is a small step on the journey but from many of you it might be the biggest step you've taken for a long time so please celebrate yourself. And continue to celebrate yourself often in well along this journey.

To continue this journey with support, community and personal guidance from me make sure to go join the free Facebook group and sign up for the free six-part masterclass series where we go through this process together. Also continue to tune into the upcoming blogs where we continue this process.

And of course I'd love to hear from you so use the comment section below to share with me your challenges, your celebrations and any questions you might have.

Nikki Wouters - Intuitive Coach

If you'd like to take this even further and have a personal intuitive coaching guide on your journey consider joining the Soul-led & Satisfied membership, The Coven Mastermind or apply for one to one coaching so we can take you from where you are now to where you desire to be next by emailing me at

Nikki x

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