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Unveiling the Truth: How to Verify if Your Vision Aligns with Your Values

We are talking about your vision today and I'm super excited to go on this journey with you into deeper clarity, deeper certainty and deeper resonance with what your heart is guiding you towards.

There is an infinite amount of resources when it comes to connecting to you're vision: meditations, visualisations, journalling prompts, videos, podcasts masterclasses and so much more. And then there's so many ways for you to remind yourself of your vision: vision boards, goal planners, tracking documents, scripting activities, daily visualisations, manifesting techniques and again so much more.

This isn't another way to define or remind you of your vision but to verify whether what you've decided to work towards is actually in alignment with YOU.

There are so many reasons for why we create goals that don't quite guess what we truly desire. (I'd highly recommend Danielle Laporte 'The Desire Map' if you're wanting to go through a very detailed process on creating desire orientated visions and goals by the way.)

Identify your values

And whether you're goal setting last time or the 50 of time you might be falling into the sticky trap of striving what's the definition of success that simply doesn't suit.

Which is why today we are talking about Unveiling the Truth: How to Verify if Your Vision Aligns with Your Values.

Values are, broad stroke, the things that we consider as important or integral to living a good life and creating satisfaction with in it.

  • So the first thing we need to do is identify what are your values.

  • Next we will identify your current goals.

  • And finally we will reassess if your goals are alignment with your values or if there is some tweaking needed.

Whether there's a lot of work to be done or a lot of celebration for the work you've clearly already done on cleaning up your goals take this journey with a level of curiosity, wonder and lightness.

take notes on this 3 step process

Throughout this process you'll no doubt learn more about yourself, your situation and the vision you're working towards.

Get your pen and paper ready and let's do this!

Step 1: Identify your Values

There are many complicated activities when it comes to identifying your values but we're going to employ some Sacred Simplicity.

What do you place the most importance on experiencing in your life to feel happy and whole?

Take some time to identify what these are for you; I would recommend between having 3 to 5 key values and not get too caught up in needing to get them perfect or to create a list that 'looks good or righteous' to others. This might sound like, "I crave the experience of adventure, community and connection, comfort, creativity and love."

Step 2: Verify Your Vision

Your vision is basically a description on what you would like to achieve aka your goals.

Take some time to either in long form paragraph or a bulleted list describe in as much detail as possible what you desire to achieve. (You can apply this too short term goals or your long-term goals.)

Step 3: Align with Your Values

This is where we begin to unveil the truth of whether your vision is in alignment with your values. For each of your goals or the things you would like to achieve run them by your values list.

Will the creation or attainment of this goal result in you experiencing or connecting to your values?

Take as much time as you need for the step because it's going to require you to go deeper than a surface level and truly tap into what satisfaction and success looks like and feels like for you personally.

You can't get this wrong by the way because the point of this activity is greater awareness - and you've already done that they're asking is questions and seeing what comes up and through for you.

value driven living is fun

This particular deep dive into vision has been inspired by my upcoming free masterclass Verify Your Vision which you can find in the free exclusive Facebook community aligned action takers.

Request to join the group HERE and make sure to click going in the event section.

If there was anything that came up in your reflections that have caused you to stumble or question - I invite you to share it with me in the comment section and or reach out to me directly so we can have a conversation around getting you the clarity you need in order to continue moving forward with confidence.

Nikki Wouters Intuitive Coach

If you'd like to take this even further consider joining the Soul-led & Satisfied membership, The Coven Mastermind or apply for one to one coaching so we can take you from where you are now to where you desire to be next by emailing me at

Nikki x

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